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About us

We are passionate about designing, installing and maintaining thriving, balanced, low-maintenance gardens and landscapes that are ecologically beneficial, beautiful, and resilient. Each property is intentionally created with a commitment to sustainability, utilizing native plant species and sourcing locally when possible.



In all of our work, we uphold our core values of stewardship, sustainability, creativity, curiosity, honesty and dependability.


Lindsy Hebert founded Wild Nectar Landscaping in 2020. Lindsy was born and raised in New England and later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 from Colorado State. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from over ten years of landscaping including two years of crew management, as well as dabbling in floral design, fruit orchard & vineyard production, and indoor greenhouse production. Her interest in plants, horticulture and ecology combined with her eye for design and color continue to inspire her work. 

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